Now that we are in the middle of the year, a lot of my projects are light and easy and not sweaty. One of the projects that I have been looking to do for a while is a couch caddy. I have done one in the past, but this time I felt like I need an update.

I recently moved into a new location, and I wanted the couch caddy to have a clean light airy feel about it. Even though it it may not stay that way for long (four kids), I wanted to give it a try.

The color here is a bit off, because of the time of day that the picture was taken. I assure you it’s a cream color.

I took out the perfect yarn for this project. It was a Bernat Blanket yarn. The color that I picked for this one was birch and it was a nice off-white type color for it. I had to use blanket stripes before on this project, but I didn’t like how they had the yarn joint by tying the pieces together. It ended up causing me to cut out a lot of the joint pieces and securing the join myself.

This translated into a lot of sewing in the ends, and securing my stitches. With a solid color, not a forced stripe, it means that I was able to keep moving without many broken ends. I ended up using a whole ball of yarn and a half for this project. I am very pleased with the outcome of this project.

The pattern that I use was a pattern which I will link here, and the directions for simple and straightforward. Even if you do not meet the gauge of this project, you can always come up with your own gauge and do the measurements yourself.

You do not have to use Bernat blanket yarn for this project although it’s a very tight stitch which means things won’t fall out of it for any particular reason. In the past I even found crackers in the pockets and it didn’t leak out and go anywhere. Did I mention I have four kids?

The simple this part, or the best part of me was the ladder stitch towards the bottom and the fringes. When I knew I was up to that part, it was just so fun. Overall, it’s one huge long rectangle and knowing exactly how deep you want your pockets to be. If I had to rate this project, it would be an easy, straightforward project.

Since the main thing I do is net, I found it was easier for me, putting stitch markers towards the end of the project so I don’t accidentally missed the final stitch. I think if you’re a veteran or not a veteran a Crochet that can help you regardless. if I can use a stitch marker, I’m happy.

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