About Me

This is where it all begins. Well, let’s go back to when I started in the world of yarn. I had just given birth to my third child, and while I loved reading, I felt there was something else more I can do.

It was three months later that my maternal grandmother passed away.  I couldn’t help but think, there has to be a way to keep her memory alive. I could remember when she was well, she would find a way to express herself creatively–knitting, crocheting and sewing.

Two years ago, I decided to purchase my first ball of yarn (three balls to be exact), and a crochet hook, and make something-anything. I decided that a blanket was the way to go.  Oh boy was it bad hahaha. It was not shaped properly, and way too big, but my son loved it so much.

It then hit me that it was not really what I was making that made my children love it –it was because I was making it with them in mind and for them.  This fueled my passion to learn to knit.  After many tears, and Youtube videos (thank you Youtube), I’ve learned and never looked back since.

This is where I am right now. I love knitting. I love challenging myself, and I love making things for people who truly appreciate it. This is what this blog is about. The items I make, the stories behind them, and the love that’s poured out on every stitch.

Make yourself comfortable, and get some tea. I love to talk to you about what we’re working on, and the challenges we face with our projects and how we overcome them.