For a long time, we’ve had these tin cans from Christmas just lying all over the house. We like them because they come in different colors and they can hold random objects or things. Honestly, my son’s just love them.

What bother me about it was that it was always Christmas. Now there’s nothing wrong with Christmas but we are in July. Sometimes, you just want to enjoy the tin can without seeing snowman in your living room. So like any rational crafty person, I decided to make a cozy..

No, there are no patterns for this, but I will tell you what I did. I measured out the height of the cozy. I measured the base and I measured how wide or long the project will have to be. I work this project from side to side and into pieces. After both pieces were completed. I sewed the bottom of the square to the sides of the long piece.

I’m sure this would have been easier if I made it in one piece. However, I like working in pieces for some projects. It just gives structure to the item. If I do redo this again, I may just do each piece separately and see how that comes out.

My son loves the color green, so a green cotton yarn is what parts. I think next time when I do a project like this, I may use a different kind of yarn since the cotton gives way too much. It doesn’t snap back.

Overall, the finished look is not that bad. He put the metal container on his desk and he stores his pencils in them. Not only does he get to keep his little container, but I get to enjoy looking at the cozy I made for it.

I don’t know he’m keep it on, but it’s pretty for now.

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