Hello fellow knitters and crocheters! Today I’m going to talk about Caron Cake Macchiato yarn.

This yarn was released in August, but I finally snagged some in my neck of the woods. Honestly, I was trying to not pay attention to yarn releases, because of my stash, but who can resist!

The two colors that I have is solitude and whisper. Very neutral but also very me. this is a bulky weight 5 yarn, so the label says 6.0mm (US#10) for knitting and US J (6mm) for crochet.

This yarn care requires hand washing, since there is wool in it, and you have to it lay flat to dry. No washing machine, no dryer, no ironing, lay it down.

The Look

The spun of the yarn is a roving style. Usually we’re used to seeing 1-4 ply yarn. This yarn is spun loosely. The fibers are visible so you have to be very careful when knitting with it, as you can easily split it.

The colors I mentioned that I have are the two neutral colors, but this kinda reminds me of Lionbrand Scarfie. I’ll be honest, initially that is what drew me to it.

Far as I know, the color changes or pattern changes are random so there is no way to control it. The transitions are smooth and leaves me excited to keep going.

The Feel

This yarn has a softness to it, it’s not scratchy at all, and very nice against your skin. One of my concerns with roving yarn is fibers everywhere. This is honestly my first time working with it, so I’m totally new to it, but my concerns for this yarn can be laid to rest.

The fibers so no fly around as it’s neatly spun, and surprisingly it’s pretty strong when are a yarn.

The fiber content is 80/20 acrylic and wool combination, and I can tell which part is the wool.

Working with It

This is where I have a love / hate relationship with this yarn. Yes it’s beautiful, yes I’m loving the colors and transitions, but don’t make any mistakes!

Because it’s a roving style yarn, I’m trying to be very careful knitting with the full strand of yarn. But, because of its nature, I’m going to catch a stray fiber here and there.

The yarn is easy enough to frog unless you caught a stray strand, then you have to be careful and separate it. in this regard, the yarn is grabby and doesn’t like to let go.


Honestly, even though I do not like that part of the yarn, do I think that would be normal for any loosely spun yarn.

The problems I had at the beginning was with the initial swatching for my project (the the very beginning of it (cause I counted wrong), but since I’ve gotten used to it, it’s very lovely.

If you happen to come across it pick it up and try it, you may feel the same or different about it. You won’t know until you try!

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