corner to corner knit blanket in loionbrand mochi bigsoops

About The Project

Yarn: Lionbrand – Big Scoop: Mochi

Pattern: Kerry Baby Afgan (Knit)

Modifications: I measured the blanket until I reached 30″ then started the decreases. Pattern calls for a different size.

I would describe myself as an advance beginner. I have begun knitting two years ago, and there are projects that I just shy away from. Usually, it’s because of someone’s words, like “A knit blanket takes forever, it never gets done.”

So, I wanted to challenge myself. Am I capable of knitting a baby blanket? I decided to start small because I know knitting is slower than crocheting. I’m used to crocheting blankets because it is quicker, and I don’t get exactly bored doing it. But what’s the point of challenging myself when I run away from the challenge? so I cast on instead of running.

The Yarn

Lionbrand Big Scoops Mochi Knit Blanket Stitch Definition

This wasn’t a color way that ever caught my eye. Actually, this is a beautiful color that was given to me by my dearest friend for my birthday. I sat on this yarn thinking about what to make with it. It was a big ball of yarn, and all I could think about is–maybe I should turn this into a baby blanket.

At the time, I didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl (but my suspicions led me think it’s a boy), so I sat on this yarn until we found out. I’m so glad that this color yarn would have worked for a boy or a girl, but I seriously think it lends itself to the “boy” category.

My sons have so much construction vehicles, and caution signs that this was my original thought about this color. It just screams construction to me, and I know when my baby is born, we’ll get plenty of use out of it.

The funny thing about baby blankets is that my kids don’t really use them until they are older. I know–weird. It will make a few appearances in pictures with them, drape over them in the stroller, but our apartment is usually so hot (summer and winter), that we don’t use them much.

I’ve noticed that my kids gets use out of the blankets when they get older. Somehow they know that this blanket is theirs, and they can use it anyway they want. They cuddle up with it when they are sick, and they like to be under them when whey read their books.

Lionbrand Big Scoops Mochi Yarn Knit Blanket

The goal was to start this project and finish it as quickly as possible, but I started in the beginning of May and didn’t finish it until the end of June. Now, I could say that my excuse was because I am pregnant( and fell asleep many times knitting this). However, I will say that I stopped myself from casting on any other project until I completed this blanket.

Regardless, I’m glad that I proved to myself that:

  1. A knit blanket doesn’t exactly take forever.
  2. Not to shy away from knit blankets.

Now, would I knit another one anytime soon–maybe. In the meantime (until I find the right yarn, and pattern), I’ll stick to crocheting them.

How about you? Have you tried knitting a blanket? Do you like to knit blankets? or Do you prefer crocheting for that project? Share your thought in the comments below.

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