Lurking on knitting forums and blogs, I can across the term Knit Worthy. New to the knitting world, I didn’t know what that meant officially, but it didn’t take long for me to understand what that actually meant.

Here’s my take on what is knit worthy–a person who actually enjoys and loves to wear hand made items. That’s it. It seems simple enough, but when you break down the people in your life, they usually fall into two categories. People who love hand made items and those who are indifferent to it.

Looking back on my knitting journey (which I’m still on), there are only a handful of people who are knit worthy. I have come across people–whom I love dearly–who are just not interested in any handmade items. They don’t care how long it took, if it was custom made, or if it was even their favorite color.

The response would usually be the same:

  1. “Oh, that’s nice.”
  2. “Maybe you can see it?”
  3. The fake smile, and somehow it’s never seen on them again.
Caron Cake Pumpkin Spice. Pattern: Step it Up Shawl.
This is the color that I just loved.

I tried an experiments where I gave one of my knitted items away. It was my step it up shawl in the color that I just adored. We’ll see if it gets used this fall. I know I will buy this color again when Michael’s have it available.

How Do I determine Who Is Knit Worthy?

One of the best ways that I’ve seen people do is just simply ask. “Would you like me to make you one?” Usually, by their response, you’ll know if they mean it or not. It doesn’t hurt the maker’s feelings if the person turns it down, it just saves the maker time and effort.

Another way to find out if they like handmade stuff (or if they want you to make one for them) is to find out what their interests are, and what they appreciate. I’ve experienced the opposite though–I would be told exactly what it is they like (even if I try to explain that I don’t think it’s practical), and they insist. I make the item, and they don’t wear it.

In this case, they didn’t wear it because they didn’t like it–they didn’t wear it because it wasn’t practical. When I used the same yarn to make another time that would do the job better–they choose to wear that instead the whole winter.

Your children. I have 3 kids and one on the way–they are so knit worthy, they are looking forward to what it is I’m making. They want to see who I made it for. Sometimes they know by the color, and sometimes I leave it as a surprise. However, they are always super excited to receive the items that I’ve made.

I would had spouse to this list-buuuuut- I find that knitting for my husband is sort of difficult. His tastes and mine are different. He likes things that are simple (sort of), and I like cables and textures. The goal is to find a common middle ground where we both can be happy. However, I think my first pair of socks will be for him. I have the perfect color picked out for it.

Joys of Being a Maker

Overall, I think the best part of making items and giving it to the people you love, is to see that their face when they truly appreciate it. I love the feeling that my children feel loved when I make an item, and it’s for them.

When I do give away projects for charity–I know that the recipient was completely floored that I spent time making something for him and his wife. It was at a time that I really wanted to do something nice for them, because I understood what they were experiencing, and how hard that moment in life was.

In this world where it could seem like no one cares, a handmade item (no matter how small) reminds us, and them that we’re all still connected. It’s harder to feel good about it if the person who is receiving the items don’t care for it.

Do you have knit worthy people in your life? Who do you like knitting for? How would you determine who is “knit worthy?” Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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