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I’m really loving the chance to expand my comfort zone when it comes to making things for my kids. I was at the end of my pregnancy when I thought this would be a fun and exciting project. It took a while to get through my previous project, so this was the “quick” project that I picked up.

Pattern: Little Man’s Cardigan
Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice: Oatmeal

Loving that texture!

I had just finished getting done with a cardigan with a stitch pattern (soon to be posted) from the Japanese Stitch Bible, and this was a pattern that caught my eye while I was finishing that project.

I adore cables. They look complicated, yet they are so easy to work. This had something else that I liked too, seed stitch. Between the yarn and the seed stitch, this has so much texture that it was such a joy to work.

Normally when I knit a garment, I like to work in panels. My first pullover was in 4 pieces, and for a five year old. It was worked in a very similar yarn, just a darker color.

Don’t know if its the yarn or the seed stitch, but I’m really loving this project.

I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes down to knitting garments. I have started knitting two years ago, and my first project was a baby hat—that didn’t fit my baby hahaha.

So this project was interesting. The author of the pattern had everything done together (except the sleeves, and knitted flat. So the front panels, button band, and back of the cardigan was all constructed together. Only the sleeves were done separately and then sewed in.

While this was different than what I usually did, I really liked it. There was not much sewing and what I had to see was so minor. At first it seemed complicated because I looked at the schematic for the cardigan.

I easily bite off more than I can chew—which is why I like the flat construction of garments. I only have to focus on that part, and not worry about he rest until it’s time.

This sweater may change my preference and try to explore seamless sweaters and top down construction (at least once).

The buttons I purchased from Michael’s and I had no idea that it would considered part of new fashion trend—steam punk. Have you ever heard of it? I picked it up because I liked the color and the variety in the package. That and it looked different.

It had taken the right project to open the package, but I’m honestly pleased with the results. Overall, my toddler loves the sweater. He’s looking forward to more knit wear, as well as my other children.

Knitting for my kids has been very satisfying, that I never seem to run out of things to make for them. Now with 4 in the picture, I’ll be busy for some time.