I’ve been working on this sweater for at least a month during the last stages of my pregnancy, and was itching to cast on something else (which I did). It’s not that I’m not enjoying the sweater–I am, I just had this urge to finish as many projects that I could. I didn’t finish this project until after I gave birth, but I enjoyed the process as my son was amazed that two needles can do all of this.

The last sweater that I completed was a cable Seed stitch cardigan for my two year old. While I was looking forward to finishing up that garment, I became sweater happy and wanted to cast on another one. Hence, this sweater.

The color for this sweater is Fern, and I truly enjoy working with this color. It was originally meant for me (that is–the yarn), but my middle son had mentioned that he really liked it, and so it became his sweater. I have yet to make myself and my husband a sweater–I just have so much enjoyment knitting for the little ones.

For this project, I did not work from a published pattern. I picked this stitch out of on my many knitting stitch books, and tried to pick something that he would love (and also, was a simple project for me).

Look at the weave on this pattern. No matter how many pictures I take, the color always come out different.

I can’t tell if I like complicated projects, or if I like straight simple knitting. I do know there has to be enough variety to keep me engaged, but not too much to have me constantly tink back to correct my mistakes. And I’ve made mistakes with this project, but not major ones enough to undo a huge portion of the sweater.

I am happy with this project. I’ve learned about continuing a pattern. How to break it up, and knowing where to start. I’ve also learned about adding a hood. Instead of a drop shoulder, I decided to do a modified drop shoulder. However, I think I’ll stick to drop shoulder for this son, he likes it that way (and it’s easier to knit).

Oh, and if any of you are curious as to why there is a button on the hood–it’s for a tighter close for my son. He wants that and I didn’t mind it. (And yes, the buttons did match with the button hole–it’s how I took the picture…still learning 😁).

I’m learning not to look for perfection, but to have a personality in the work that I’m doing. That way, if these sweaters do lasts for their own children–they can look, and laugh, and remember the good times.

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