First, let me start by saying Happy New Year! I honestly never thought that I would have the chance to post something up in the first week of the new year, but here I am and I have my first completed project!

Remember when I was talking about the toddler bed blanket that was making. So I stared that blanket in December, with yarn that I received from sales on Black Friday to Cyber Monday. I usually buy yarn all year round, but the sales were very nice to add to my growing stash (and I mean growing) of yarn.

I used a pattern from Yarnspirations. Soft and Breezy Crochet Blanket and the yarn that I ended up using was Bernat Blanket Strips. The color that I have Clear Sky, is discontinued, but I managed to snag a few extra cakes in case I needed it.

So, the first week that every seemed to feel better, is the week that I ended up finishing the blanket. Even though it had taken me longer than I wanted to have it finished, I’m glad that it’s done.

bernat blanket stripes crochet pattern

This project has been an all hands on deck project. Everyone in the family practically touched it or worked on it with me. Of course the newborn wanted to feel how soft the blanket was! The fringes honestly felt like it was going to take forever to get done, however, once I started I didn’t mind doing the work.

And…that is how the rest of the family decided to join me. They wanted to do something with this project too, that they didn’t mind working on the fringes with me (or for me).

bernat blanket stripes crochet pattern

Overall, I’m very pleased with how this blanket turned out. I’m finally happy that it’s done, and already I’m looking at my next project.

Can I even tell you how happy my toddler is to have this on his bed?

bernat blanket stripes crochet pattern

I don’t have any high expectations of this blanket staying on the bed, but I can get one nice shot before he starts carrying (dragging) it everywhere.

Have you finished all of your projects from 2019? Plan on tackling anything new for this year?

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