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I love it when I have a few moments to myself. Usually, when the kids are down for the night, and I have a moment or two to myself, I like to search Pinterest and Instagram for some ideas.

First, if you didn’t know you can find me Here for Pinterest, and here for Instagram.

I first came across this square while looking for something to crochet. I was looking for something that had a vintage feel to it. I also wanted it to look very feminine, textured, and delicate.

I think I was going for an old style, or textured tile look. But, when I saw this Pinterest picture I knew this had to be the perfect square to use for a project.

Red heart super saver yarn, knitting,

This square is the heart of what is making up my blanket. I don’t actually have a name for it yet, aside from my Midnight Walk Square Afghan. The square is called: Midnight Walk and it is by Pysselofix and the pattern can be found on her page as well.

What I loved about this Square was that it was my introduction to walking into making a color pallet. I want to so much experiment with color. Often, I pick one color for a garment, and that would be it, but an Afghan should be more colorful than that.

Also, I had some yarn in my stash that I wanted to get through, and that is what this was all about. Granted, I had to buy yarn to bust yarn, but that’s not the point. Nor is it that I have accumulated more yarn than I have effectively used. As you can see, I’m not quite winning at the yarn busting project this year.

red heart super saver, midnight walk, crochet, granny squares, red yarn, pink yarn, ombre yarns, brown yarns

But as much as I love yarn, and always finding new places to put them, I really do want to work down my stash so I can start to accumulate yarn that is more of the weight that I would like to have. I have a lot of worsted weight yarn–and I love each one that I bought, but it would be nice to not make a very heavy sweater. Perhaps a lighter one.

Anyway, I made this Afghan using Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I had two Ombré yarns in my stash, and all I needed was to add a neutral color to the mix. Hence the off white.

Loving the beautiful simplicity of this Afghan

I wanted a decent size Afghan, so I made it 7 squares by 9 squares. In total- 63 squares. Each square measured 5.5inches. So it is a hearty Afghan.

I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, me or my baby who loved to play on it, or my other children who like to snuggle under it.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take that long to complete and connecting it was super quick. In the end, I just love the look of this Afghan, and it could be my favorite one so far!

What do think about this Afghan? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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