When I was pregnant with my third son, I was indulged with another hobby to learn. Sewing. Only thing, the sewing Machine sat there while I looked on afraid to use it.

My fear was not knowing how my projects would come out. I was afraid that it was going to be a hot mess. So I left it alone until I could muster up the courage to do something.

Well, after I gave birth and the newborn phase has passed us. I can finally think clearer and muster up the energy to use my machine.

Now, I didn’t want the machine so that I can get stuck in the world of fabric (that started to happen), but I really wanted to alter my clothes. I didn’t realize it was just as an addictive hobby as knitting and yarn buying.

If there was anything truly beautiful about this pandemic, it is that the heart of the people really shine. There are so many people who donated their time making face masks for healthcare workers and family, I just love to follow their stories. Their selfless giving is a wonderful reminder of what it’s like to live part of humanity.

Now, even though I have a machine and now some (a lot) of fabric, I’m still missing the one thing that would make a difference: time. Regardless, I wanted to make some for my husband (as he has to go out there more frequently than me) and some for the kids.

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This was my first mask.

This mask says it all for me. I’ve struggled to get this done. Tears, stress, ripping out thread…I can go on. But this was my final result. With the top stitch and all.

I didn’t have to make masks. We always have face coverings available just in case someone has a cold (yes they put it on so everyone else doesn’t get sick—and it does work). I made this mask for another reason.

I needed to make them. I stared at that sewing machine afraid to use it. I’ve stood wondering what am I going to do. I don’t fully know my machine yet but this project showed me what I was made of.

It showed me that I wasn’t too old to start something new and I just needed to get out my own way. Will I be sharing a lot of sewing things here? Nope. That will be for me. But this was done and what’s not shown was adding elastic straps for the ears.

Sometimes challenges arises and we must rise to face them. I think the whole country has done that—and did a great job. But as for me, I’ll mainly stick with my yarn And needles as my happy place.

Do you have more than one hobby?

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