Greetings! Welcome to my first work in progress Wednesday. Here is where I talk about projects that I’m currently working on (or want to work on).

For this Wednesday, I decided to start sewing for my knit and crochet project. I know what you’re thinking. Sewing?! Hear me out. I’ve received this beautiful yet difficult yarn from a loved one. The goal is to return it to her as a finished project.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to decide what it is I would like to do. What I do know is that it will be a pillow.

So, I started out making a paper template of the size pillow that I would like. I’m thinking 18” all around would be a good size. Yarn usually stretches, and I don’t want to product to look too loose.

Also, not too long a I bought two bags of poly-fil and have only used a fraction of it. Also…my husband bought me a sewing machine because I really wanted to learn how to sew when I was pregnant, so what better way to try my hand at all these things than by making my own pillows for the crochet and knit project I’m working on!

White sheet cut out for  making pillow cases

At first it’s crude but I’m so excited to get started. As with anything, I’ve learned to be forgiving to myself. My edges will look crooked, and stitches wonky, but it’s going to hidden by a pillow covering, so I’m good.

I didn’t know this was going to take a lot of time to get started as I started this project earlier in the week. However, with kids running around I guess it’s to be expected.

Sewed sheets for pillow cases
Just needs some ironing, but not too bad.

I’m pretty excited about how this is coming out and can’t wait to start my progress as I continue.

Have you ever made a pillow for your knitting or crochet project? How often do you add other crafts to your knitting?

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