A few weeks ago, we had a snow storm that sadly didn’t allow my husband to come back home from work. It was sad not to see him that night, but thankfully he was able to crash at his mother’s and sister’s place.

While he was there, he was able to talk to his family with no time restraints or having to translate everything for us. Out of our family of 6 only he knows a second language. I know, we should learn, but that is for another day.

When he was talking to one of his sisters, she remembered that there was a bag of yarn that she wanted to give me. It wasn’t too long ago that she told me that she tried crocheting, but it was too hard. Instead she gave it up and forgot to give me the yarn the last time I was there.

I got the yarn and the ideas are just flowing! I will say this though, I can totally see why this was hard yarn to learn with. It is a 6 ply yarn, however the strands are not spun together. So each string is separate. Actually, looking at it closer and each of the strings are two strands twisted together. No idea what weight is is but I’m leaning on bulky!

Further inspection of this yarn, and pulling it through my fingers, I can tell that there is no give. The yarn has no pull and working with it has the potential of hurting your hands. With that being said, I’m leaning on an accessory for the home and not a garment to wear.

The last thing I’ve noticed is that this yarn is really itchy. I don’t mean that in a bad sense—it’s just not close to skin type of yarn.

Aside from what I already mentioned, the white strand is really grabby. I’ve already decided to work on a larger needle and crochet hook to help out

There is a huge amount of ideas out there for a yarn like this, but I’m leaning on a pillow for the couch. I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to have the inner pillow sewn in, or the ability to remove it. Below are some ideas that I’ve been thinking about. Of course all links for the patterns are below.

Bernat Button Up Knit Pillow

So I’ve been leaning on this kind of design: Bernat Button Up Knit Pillow .

What I like about this pillow is that it allows you to wash the cover, or the pillow, or both! Since she lives in an apartment, this could come in handy for her. Not too sure how the busy yarn that she gave me will work out with this design, but I’m really liking the simple idea, and buttons.

Also, have I mention that this is my first pillow I plan on making? Oh yeah, not just the over but the pillow itself. It’s a new endeavor for me but I’m looking forward to it. So what I also like about this is that it’s incredibly simple looking.

Ribbed Cushion Covers

white knit cushions

This is called Cushion Covers and can be found on Knit ‘n Purl blog.

What I’m really liking about this is the simplicity of the design. The patterns are simple knit and purl but solid color makes this look really elegant.

These pillows seem to be sewn into the case, so it doesn’t look like it’s removable. In this case she will have to wash the pillow and the case. If I go for this option, it should be okay since the yarn is washable.

The yarn that I have is busy, so perhaps a simple design will do it some justice? What do you think? Either way, I’m really leaning on something simple to bring out the fun colors that she picked for this yarn.

If I don’t happen to pick this pattern style for the pillow that I plan on making, then this would still be a fun project to make for my home couch.

Patons Irish Moss Knit Floor Pillow

This is a another simple pattern that can be found on Yarnspirations. Patons Irish Moss Knit Floor Pillow. I love this pattern! Of all the patterns that I love, it’s either the Moss or Double Moss that has to be my favorite. Again, this is a simple pattern but overall it is a beautiful pattern.

Irish Moss looks stunning on a solid yarn color, but I’m wondering how it would look on busy yarn. There is a lot going on with my yarn strand wise, but I still love the beauty of this pattern.

Even though there are plenty of ideas, I think overall I will be leaning on something simple. Until then, we’ll see.

Which pillow pattern interests you? Have you made a pillow for your couch? Share your thought in the comments below.

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