Book reader inside a book sleeve. This shows the finished pattern that is shared on the page.

I was just getting over the hump of my knitting dry spell that I was experiencing the other day until I randomly came across a book sock. At first, it didn’t occur to me to make a book cover or sock for my kindle. But, the more I thought about it, the more it became something that I wanted to do.

So first, what is a book sock? A book sock or sleeve is a cover for your books. It’s perfect for when you’re on the go and happen to bring a book with you. It prevents your book pages from getting folded while in your bag. Also, it prevents it from getting scratched up or having unwanted marks transferred to your cover.

Side by side comparison of the kindle reader and the book sleeve.

When I first came across this, I said to myself, no way that’s a thing! But the more I thought about it, the more convincing it became. I started to want one for my kindle and then all of my physical books. Normally, I would read at night time, so the kindle became the perfect starter in this for me. I can honestly see myself make a lot of these when I’m not making sweaters.

Now I’m not going to lie, I was first checking to see if a pattern was made for this hahaha. Call it lazy, but if someone already did the math for me, that’s one less thing I have to think about. However, I found a few of them in crochet stitches, however, I wanted to knit mine. So instead, I ended up measuring the kindle and making the pattern myself. That is what I’m going to share with you today!

Make it now or pin it for later!

Book Reader Sock

  • This is for a kindle paperwhite book reader.
  • Dimensions: 10.5″ circumference. 6.5″ hight.
    • Flat Dimensions: 5.25″ x 7″ hight
  • Gauge: 4 stitches / inch. 5.5 stitches / row.
  • Yarn: Wursted Weight Yarn Cotton yarn and needles US 7 (or 4.5mm)

Directions (for flat knitting):
• Cast on 24 stitches and knit back and forth for 7 inches, or 44 stitches. Bind off.
• From the cast on row, on the wrong side of work, pick up 24 sititches. and knit until 7″.
• Bind off, sew sides together, and weave in ends.
• Enjoy your sleeve!

Shows the spine of the kindle reader. No additional sewing is necessary at this end due to picking up stitches from the cast on edge.

This was not only a fun project to do, but it was quick and simple and just enough to get me out of my slump (for now). I’m now thinking about how many different kinds of book socks I can make for my physical books, maybe I’ll do one with cables next.

Have you tried making a book sock for your books?

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