Yarn lovers! Last week was absolutely crazy, so I missed last week’s post. I think that was a good thing too. Instead of just sharing with you more dishcloths that I was working on, I was allowed to work with something that has reopened up my knitting mojo! I will write a review on it soon, so watch this space for it.

Last week, after working with a new program (that is as much hint as I’m going to give), my creative spark came back to life and it felt amazing! I’m back into making sweaters again and this time its something for me. To be honest, it’s the first sweater that I’ve made that will be entirely for me.

Let’s talk about the yarn. It’s Red Heart with love metallic. I’ve had this yarn for almost 3 years. I bought it when I first discovered how much I like knitting sweaters, and went on a yarn buying binge. Well–to be honest, do we really need a reason to buy yarn? Anyway, I had this yarn with me for a good 3 years, and every time I worked on a sweater for my family members, I kept saying to myself that I’ll be next. I’ll look up at that yarn and start planning.

However, like everything, I would finish with my loved one’s project and be at a total loss as to what to make for myself. So, instead of really thinking about it, I just cast on another project that either my loved one could wear or something that is useful around the house. But I must admit, this creative block was something that I really needed. I didn’t want to just make something useful, I wanted to make something that I liked and would wear.

I started to make dishcloths so that I wouldn’t get bored, and then, I started to look for dishcloths in the round. When you don’t know what to knit, work on a new skill. These dishcloths were knit with a size 7 (4.5mm), so I’m thinking about going down needle sizes (and fewer stitches, I cast on about 19 stitches) to make them a bit smaller.

The pattern that ended up using is a free pattern from Yarnspirations and is called Lily’s Sugar and Cream Beachball Dishcloth. What I like about the round dishcloth is that while it was easy, it was still something I had to pay attention to (because of the short rows), but the colors made it fun to finish each section.

However, right now I’m in the process of planning my sweater and super excited about it. I already started swatching for my project and blocked my swatches and I’m ready to go. This will be a nice cabled sweater that just looks delicious.

I’ve missed working with cables, but haven’t been able to due to time, and the baby being so sensitive while napping. I have to have the quietest needles when he’s napping or else he’s awake. It’s so funny too, because my other son would nap on me while I was crocheting huge blankets. Goes to show you that each child is different.

I’m so excited about it, so I know its going to be something that I really love. It would be amazing if I felt this way about all of my projects, but who knows maybe I will in the future!

Until next time 🙂

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