Hey yarn friends! Who would have thought that just a week ago, I was extra excited about getting my knitting mojo back, and now I can’t stop the amount of projects that I want completed…now. This week, I have something excited to talk to you about, and it’s all about hats. To think–it’s getting warmer and warmer and I’m talking about crocheting hats!

I first dived down this rabbit hole thinking that it’s time to get some summer hats for the kids. I mean, usually I think about light weight fabrics (like cotton) and sewing. Well, my sewing skills not great (I’m a beginner), but I wanted to do something for the kids. Well the boys I managed to find a page boy hat, but what I really wanted to get them is a bucket hat.

Bucket hats are perfect for the boys. They protect their ears as well as their necks, and that is just want I want. Well, the more I dived into Youtube the more that I saw that it’s not too difficult. I’ve tried my hand at making a bucket hat before, and it didn’t come out the way that I wanted it to. It was too big, and mostly it was my fault because I didn’t account that the seam allowance was already in the pattern. Instead, I made a bucket hat that could practically fit the whole family–and it was meant for the baby. Still, I will not give up on sewing.

Which brings me back to my first yarn craft–crochet! I found this awesome pattern by Crystal from Bag-o-Day Crochet and while it is a basic summer sun hat, it was just the right thing that I needed to see. The basic gist of it is a beanie with a brim. That’s it. The magic that I find depends on the yarn, and I’ve been looking for the “right” yarn for this hat. Well she remommends Lionbrand Rewind Tape Yarn and so I figured why not? What do I have to lose?

Well, to date I’m on my fourth hat and I have acquired more colors. It’ is my first time working with a tape yarn, but I’m not disappointed. This yarn in particular is mainly polyester and has some viscose in it. It’s a bulky yarn (6.5mm hook and needles suggested), but it’s not yarn that feels like you’re going to sweat through. The care for this yarn is machine wash and lay flat to dry, but since I’m making hats that seems right. However, knowing myself, I’ll just wash by hand.

I first started off with Citronella (Warm Gold) and Willow(Dusty Khaki) colors, but I eventually moved towards the dark grey (moto jacket), yellow (make lemonade), light (capri breeze) and dark blue (Hawaiian ocean). I do have plans for life after hats but at the moment that is what’s on my mind and all I’m desiring to make.

Also, I have been working on my sweater, but that’s for another post. In the meantime, what are you working on for the weekend?

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