Lately, I’ve been uninspired to sit down and just plan knitting projects. I guess that what happens sometimes, we go through the ups and downs of crafting. However, while trying to de clutter my home, I decided to start with something I love—my yarn.

Image: Pixabay SweetLoiuse

All the organizing books tells us to start with something simple. If we start with memorabilia, we’ll be on the floor for hours going through our things. Funny though, I don’t feel that way towards yarn. Instead I feel guilt.

You see I really like knitting, and in the beginning I was accumulating yarn because: 1. It was on sale. 2. It was on sale. I never really asked myself do I really want that type of yarn. Also, if I was to be honest, some were just bought for the free shipping—even though I really wanted a handful of it, I figured, I will use it for something else.

Pixabay Alexas_Fotos

Welp, that something else never came. Instead, I had bins, boxes, and bags tucked and stashed away in different nooks and crannies. Actually, it was so well hidden that we didn’t know how much yarn I had until I unpacked everything.

At first, it was easy to just toss my least favorite yarn into a donate box but things got harder. I got to the yarn that I somewhat liked, but had no plan for them. I decided that had to go. That would include some novelty yarn, nice blended yarn, and more variegated colors.

They yarn ranged from Acrylic, to Acrylic blends. These days, I’m liking to work with cotton more and hopefully more wool. It’s not that I don’t like acrylic, I just want to knit with things that I enjoy working with.

I’m when I started the project, I didn’t expect to feel that way. I used to feel like acrylic was okay—and it was.

What I’ve learned over the years, is that there is no right or wrong way to approach crafting.this is essential for a person like me who sometimes struggle with perfectionism. Overtime, I just learned to like what I like. I hope that during your crafting journey, that you discover what you like and like it. Do not let anyone take that away from you.

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