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Not too long ago, a parent whom I’ve known growing up recently passed away. I wanted to do something nice for her daughter and have it last for a long time. Her daughter was the midwife for two of my sons, and she personally drove me to the birthing center with my fourth son on Labor Day.

So to say that she is really special in our lives is an understatement. I was so surprised to hear that her mom and dad passed away. I seen her parents just very shortly prior to the event and while I noticed that they were up in age, they seem to be functioning well. Her parents were very close to each other, and I always saw them together. If there ever was a long-standing image for marriage, I would definitely look at her parents and see that. Even in their 80s, they loved each other tremendously and you can see that.

I had so many fond memories of her mom when I was a student and still do. For this project, I wanted it to do something special. Flowers were very common this occasion, but I know it would not last long. I wanted to give her some thing from my heart. Something that expressed my feelings towards her and her parents. I wanted to fill her heart with comfort, knowing that someone was thinking about her mom hopefully the same way she was, and that someone is still caring for them.

Searching on Ravely, I came across the Rosary Shawl by Girlie D. de los Reyes, and it was stunning. It was a simple two row repeat, that when put together and the length, it looked magnificent. Normally, I would not make a very big Shawl because I like to wear my shawls under my jacket. However, working on this particular project has changed my mind for the depth, and the length of a shawl that I should make in the future.

For this project, I decided to use Caron Simply soft yarn in the color of Victorian Rose. I love this yarn for this project, because not only did this yarn have a beautiful sheen to it, but when blocked it gets very soft. The color reminded me of the smile of her mother and the puffs reminded me of a story she shared. What surprised me was how fast it crocheted up. Also, I truly enjoyed praying while working on this project I love the idea of praying for the soul of this beautiful woman and the comfort of her daughter who has been such a tremendous help for my family.

In total I used 2.5 skein and that was included to make the tassels. That would equate to about 780 yards of yarn . At first I thought that I only would need to two skeins for this project but I guess with my gauge I definitely needed three skeins. While I did had some yarn, left overs, definitely not enough for another project. The most difficult or tedious part about this project, I would honestly say, was making the tassels. I seriously debated if I should make these tassels or not, after all, it was beautiful, where I left off. But seeing the original project picture, m I decided to go for it, and I was not disappointed .

when I handed her the shawl and the card, I truly was not expecting her to open it right there. She was very surprised at it. She read the card, but most of all she truly did appreciate the shawl . While I have no say what she would do with it after I handed it to her, it seems very clear to me that she does treasure it. her daughter even loved it as well. Like I said previously, it was a very simple pattern, but it was beautiful.

I only have one picture of this and thankfully my husband did take this picture for me before I packed it up. It’s the best picture I have because it’s the only one, but it shows you how long the shoulders and how big it is also how beautiful it is in the color of Victorian Rose . If you would like to use this pattern yourself either as a prayer shawl or just for your use you on and the direct link can be found Here.

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