Not too long ago, Premier had a line of Fruit Sock Yarn that was so colorful and delicious at the same time. It was at a a time when I lost my knitting mojo (due to a shoulder injury) and I just wanted to get back into the swing of things again. I only completed one pair of socks prior to this, so this was my first time doing this since 2020. Now that I think about it, it feels like ages ago.

I must admit, I am a sweater gal. I like making sweaters, and working on longer projects. When I first started knitting , the longer the project better. I made sweaters and vests for practically everyone in my family. I even made one for myself, but I gave that one away to my daughter. Now that I’ve had more time to knit, I may be a little sweater burned out, and I’m looking forward to knitting other apparel. To be honest, I’m also looking to crochet as well, so don’t be surprised if you see that here, but getting back to this yarn.

Things have slow down for me now that the younger one is a bit older, so I’m finding more time on my hands (here in there), and I’m looking to do more things. With this year and the first thing I did was made him a pair of socks . I made it in the color way of lime, and I plan on making more for him. His feet are small and he’s so easy to please because he loves everything I make. My second pair of socks that I made was the watermelon one, and I made that for my second son. He picked out the color himself, since he loves watermelon. Again, I’m looking to make him another pair as well.

As soon as I finished both socks, I wondered why didn’t I make socks before? I did make one pair of socks previously, That was before Covid happened, but that was it. However, I really enjoyed making the socks. I’ve learned to knit on double pointed needles. I learn to knit a 9 inch circular’s, and I’ve learned to knit by magic loop. I do have a favorite that I will share that with you another post, but for now let me share with you some pictures of the socks and completed.

The socks, for completed by using a basic sock pattern that I pulled off of Premier site itself. I do have a book for making socks, but I wanted to use the default pattern that I seen with this yarn just to see how things go. The third pair of socks that I did make was one for my eldest son, and he chose the closet blueberry. That was an interesting choice, since blue is his favorite color. It wasn’t as quick to do as the first two because he’s older and his feet a little bigger. It also didn’t take as long either, since he wanted anklets and not full socks.

I was going to make a fourth sock for my daughter, but she had requested a sweater instead of socks. That sweater I will gladly share with you when it’s done. I did mention I was having Sweater burn out, so it’s taking me a bit of an I did mention I was having sort of burn out, so it’s taking me a bit longer to make the sweater than I want.

Overall, the yarn is very pretty to look at and simple stitches would have it showcase beautifully. I haven’t tried textured stitches with this because it is a busy yarn to begin with. Regardless, because of the color changes and the different patterns of the yarn, the knitting will go by very quickly while you’re watching the code is change.

It is that a shame I didn’t review this right when the first came out but I really do like the shine. I had manage to purchase the rest of colors just to have them and again when I get the moment, I’m looking forward to knitting the others up. Oh, one thing that I did notice was that this yarn is not only for socks. They are very creative people who also use this yarn for shawls, and cowls,, and things of that nature.

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