I’ve missed my work in progress post last week. But this week I have a completed project to share with you. A few weeks ago I shared with you that I was making a pillow with donated yarn.

Handmade knit couch pillows simple pattern  idea

A few weeks ago I shared with you that I was making pillows out of the donated yarn I received. Well this busy Mama managed to work up 2 to give as a gift. It’s not completed yet but the knitting is. The last thing to do is weave in the ends.

One of these pillows is knit while the other is crochet. I wanted to try to inspire the owner of these pillows that it is possible to knit or crochet with this yarn. As a side note, I’m even tempted to gift her yarn that would work better for a beginner.

Handmade crochet linen stitch couch pillows

I remember what is was like just starting out, so I can totally understand the frustration. However just sticking to it will give you amazing results.

I’ve learned a lot from working with this yarn. One main point is that I was reminded to pay close attention to stitches to not split the yarn as it’s very easy to do. But it did require me to slow down and just enjoy what I was doing.

Handmade knit ribbing pillows for couch

Too often I get online and see these amazing projects being completed, but in the meantime I tend to forget the hard work and sometimes slow labor it is to get from point A to point B.

Sitting down with this project reminded me of this. It’s not how fast I knit or how many projects I get done, it’s if I feel satisfied after I’m done. These pillows are far from perfect but I’m okay with that.

Handmade pillow cases for couch pillows square design

I made the pillow that’s inside of them (beginner sewer), and I have my children help stuff them. I’ve made this from beginning to end and I’m just amazed at what can be accomplished if we put our minds to it.

Speed is great, but satisfaction is better-at least for me. What’s on your needles today?

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